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  1. Ernandes : March 11, 2015, 00:12

    Did anyone else think that this video kinda looks like Drakes Hotline Bling

  2. Matt : March 11, 2015, 00:12

    meet online singles for free  Well, you commented here to comment under MY post, so it's up to you to disappear.

  3. Jimmy : March 11, 2015, 00:12

    As pessoas estão falando mal da Demi aqui no Brasil, estão falando que a Anitta é melhor que ela, Demi lovato melhor cantora do mundo, Brasil !!!! Brasileirinha que canta só musica ruim contra uma cantora internacional,linda,poderosa.

  4. online dating free site : March 11, 2015, 00:12

    Oh my gosh. this is touching

  5. Dato : March 11, 2015, 00:12

    They tried something new, this still has their own style. I'm not saying it's better than die young, but it's my favorite some right now. And Katy perry is awesome, FACT

  6. Anderson : March 11, 2015, 00:12

    meet online singles for free I love this song so much I can listen to this song all day

  7. Kia : March 11, 2015, 00:12

    King Jesus,

  8. Dardai : March 11, 2015, 00:12

    I like her in hats, I actually thought she looked stunning? I'm not trying to be rude, but curious. Why don't you like her in hats?

  9. Michael : March 11, 2015, 00:12

    Why should she have to restrict herself and her sexuality just because younger fans follow her? Lol smh, it ain't her problem.

  10. Marly : March 11, 2015, 00:12

    meet online singles for free This looks like shit on a mobile device. No offense.

  11. Motila : March 11, 2015, 00:12

    A truly beautiful song whose words touch my heart with so much truth and love I cry everytime I hear it!

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