Definition Diet

TLC 3: The ABC’s of the Definition Diet.

You are what you eat. Nutrition “defines” your age. Every night when you go to bed and cialis prices cvs make those billions of brand new cells for your young and healthy body, they are made from what you eat and drink. If you want to take advantage of this miracle, eat great food. Research now shows us that over 70%of premature aging is not the result of genetics but is the result of the lifestyle choices you make, including diet. A few small changes can be helpful, but a commitment to the Definition Diet will have a significant effect on how you age.

You are what you eat. Nutrition “defines” your health. Forget genetics, forget what happens on the SAD (Standard American Diet), and stop being an Average American. Your diet determines your health. The health of your heart, your skin, your mind, and the planet! Whole foods with high fiber are IN.

You are what you eat. Nutrition “defines” your body. There is a huge misunderstanding (that is perpetuated by the body building community) that you have to lift heavy weights on a regular basis to have muscle “definition”. I am here to tell you otherwise. Having a defined body is #1, the result of eating a diet low in fat and high in nutrients, and #2 working out in your Zone One. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Definition Diet focuses on nutrition and health, which will help you lose and maintain weight for life. You cannot maintain weight loss if you are unhealthy. Let’s start today knowing you can eat more food because there will be less calories. You will never be hungry because you will eat every three hours. You will loose weight and keep the weight off because you will increase your metabolism. Your sex life can be better. You will have better focus and price viagra 25mg memory throughout life.

The ABC’s of the Definition Diet in The 24-Hour Turnaround, TLC 3, teaches you to nourish and feed (not starve!) your hormones, your bones, your cardiovascular system, your muscles, and your brain—so you lose weight, balance raging hormones, have fewer mood swings, and are youthful and strong at any age. My Definition Diet will give you a complete understanding of why the foods you choose must provide optimal nutrition. The array of natural, whole foods in the Definition Diet speed up your metabolism and weight loss and slows down your biological aging today. I believe that food is medicine and can be used to keep your body balanced, healthy, and satisfied. The ABCs include:

  • A — for Attitude: you will learn the facts to formulate a healthy attitude toward food;
  • B — for Best Choices, Bad Choices, and Better Informed Choices: you will learn which food choices will help you stay healthy, lose weight, and halt or even reverse aging;
  • C — for Cleansing and Cleaning: you will learn safe and cheapest usa priligy easy ways to purify your body, cleanse your palate, and clean out the pantry, so you are not tempted by unhealthy foods; and
  • D — for Definition Diet: you will learn the specific foods and schedules for eating on your personal dietary plan, why these foods actually increase how your body metabolizes calories, and the best way to eat these foods for weight loss and super energy.

The Truth About Supplements!

There’s a lot of confusing and contradictory information surrounding the issue of supplementation. There is also a plethora of products that promise the fountain of youth and a cure for many diseases.

The one and only objective to supplementation should be to bring your diet, and therefore your entire system, into balance allowing your body to effectively lose weight and prevent premature aging while keeping you healthy.

The products that accomplish this include plant based minerals to support all functions of the body; a balanced formula of the proper and complete amino acids to build new cells; enzymes that stimulate digestion and metabolism; and certain herbs and plant derivatives that balance hormones and help prevent disease – all from a natural high quality source.

My recommendation for the highest quality supplements for optimal health, anti-aging, and weight loss are Isagenix products. The Men’s and Women’s Essentials provide all the nutrients needed for optimal health. Product B IsaGenesis will help support cellular aging, and the 9 Day Cleanse and Weight Loss system is scientifically supported by studies.

Get Started Today: Plan your menu.

I want you to make plans now—on paper—of what you will eat today. Use your journal page to plan your menu. Il give you detailed information on the Definition Diet in TLC 3, but for now, here’s a Turnaround challenge to get you started: Eat only whole food today. Whole food is “nature’s own”—in its natural state, unprocessed, and not packaged. Pretend that you are the first person on Earth and are searching for food. You cannot eat anything that comes in a bag, can, or box—and certainly nothing processed or prepared. The food has to come from a tree or bush. Or you have to pull it out of the ground. Check your refrigerator for these foods that “ancient women” may have eaten. Include your children in the game. Suggest that they pretend to be “ancient children,” and see if they can figure out what whole foods to eat. If there are none in your refrigerator, consider it a wake-up call to get to the grocery store ASAP. Some whole food choices for today might include the following:

Real Food

Review the following 10 real food choices, and select three for today’s menu that you will enjoy. In the Definition Diet chapter, TLC 3 you learn how these whole foods can help to accelerate weight loss, give you 24-hour energy, and keep you satisfied.

  1. Beans, lentils, or peas. Have lentil/split pea soup, garbanzo beans on your salad, or a bean burrito.
  2. Nuts. Allow yourself 1/2 ounce or about 10 to 12 nuts, and then stop eating them as nuts are high in calories and can be belly-busters.
  3. Dried fruit. Choose an ounce of raisins, peaches, apples, prunes, apricots, cranberries, or pears. Dried fruits are easy to pack and carry with you away from home for quick and nutritious snacks. (The Hunzas of Eastern Pakistan eat dried apricots, among other dried fruits, and live to be well over 100!)
  4. Whole grain. Choose barley, bran, brown rice, bulgur, couscous, millet, oats, polenta, or quinoa, as a cooked cereal or grain with your dinner.
  5. Tomatoes. Eat at least 4 slices per serving.
  6. Soy. Choose a serving of edamame, tempeh, or tofu.
  7. Peppers (green, yellow, orange, or red), carrots, or cabbage. Use sliced, diced, chopped, or whole. Put in salads, soups, or sandwiches. Or use for dipping. Remember: raw is best!
  8. Broccoli. Use raw florets and chopped stems in your dinner salads or eat them lightly steamed.
  9. Two pieces of fruit. Choose citrus fruits, apples, bananas, blueberries, grapes, guava, mango, melons, papaya, pears, strawberries, or other. One-half cup berries or 12 grapes equals one serving size.
  10. Nonfat dairy. If you choose to eat dairy, select skim or non-fat milk; low-fat or nonfat yogurt, cheese, or cottage cheese. Organic is best.