H.E.A.R.T. Exercise

Become your own personal trainer with the H.E.A.R.T. workout. I developed Heart-rate specific Exercise with Aerobic Resistance Training (the H.E.A.R.T. workout) as a unique and buy usa amex viagra effective way to promote and sustain weight loss while improving strength and cardiovascular fitness — without overstressing the body.

TLC 2: Your H.E.A.R.T. Workout Formula

What is the H.E.A.R.T. Workout?

The H.E.A.R.T. workout is a controlled intensity, total fitness program that is a synchronized combination of aerobics, resistance training, and core training; stimulating all aspects of fitness—endurance, strength, balance, posture, and overall coordination and fat-burning enzyme production. This workout focuses on specific intensity, duration, frequency, and movement, and all exercise components influence a multitude of hormones, including growth hormone, IGF-1, testosterone, insulin, estrogen, and human growth hormone (HGH). You can use the training format with the treadmill, cross trainer, outside, swimming, strength training equipment, or create your own workout.

Heart Rate Specific

Exercising at the wrong intensity ages your body unnecessarily; raises your blood sugar level; alters the hormonal environment in your body making it difficult to burn fat for the rest of the day; and compromises your immune system, which increases your risk of disease — not to mention that it hurts. Training at a specific heart rate (what I call your Zone One) personalizes the H.E.A.R.T. workout to your fitness level, ability, and body type. Exercising in your personal Zone One guarantees that you will develop the fat-burning enzymes that you need to lose weight and, more important, speed up your metabolism to maintain that weight loss. You can increase those enzymes in the next 24 hours and be on your way to a lean and healthy new you.

You’ll need a heart-rate monitor to get the most out of any exercise or training program. A heart rate monitor provides moment to moment feedback as to whether the intensity of your training is providing maximum fat burning while keeping you at a heart rate that does not break you down and speed up the aging process. Your heart rate monitor becomes your personal trainer — telling you when to work harder and online levitra sale when to go easier. I encourage you to purchase or borrow one before you begin the program. You can use a basic heart-rate monitor with a transmitter chest strap and a wrist receiver that displays your heart rate. (You wear it like a watch.) Click here for our marketplace.

Aerobic Resistance Training

Aerobic Resistance Training is far more effective and time saving than the conventional approach to aerobics and weight training. Bycombining your aerobic workout with your weight-training workout, both are enhanced producing optimal results. Plus — the H.E.A.R.T. workout stimulates endorphins, natural “opiate” hormones that elevate mood and change chemicals in the brain, similar to the way some antidepressants like Prozac work. Whether you are an entry-level exerciser or a competitive athlete, the 24 Hour Turnaround will help you design a specific workout just for you.

Aerobics + Resistance = Increased Calories Burned = Weight Loss

Get Started Today: Plan a moderate Zone One workout.

Entry Level

Start exercising today—even if you only take a short, low to moderate intensity walk around your neighborhood. Use your heart rate monitor and stay in your Zone One. If your monitor hasn’t arrived ‚ stay at a perceived exertion of 4 or 5 (on a scale of 1-10). Go ahead and tie up your shoelaces and levitra professional sale start using your muscles to elevate your heart rate. Walk “deliberately.” Hold in your abs; pump your arms; squeeze your buns with every step; and keep your knees bent to increase the use of the muscles in your thighs. This effective walking will get you going until we can design a specific home workout just for you.

If I could recommend one cure—all to help you lose weight, get lean muscles, and halt or even reverse the signs of aging, it would be exercise. This remedy does not come in a bottle at your pharmacy and there are no magic herbs to make it happen faster! As I explain in the 24 Hour Turnaround, TLC 2, exercise is proven to help you in 28 ways. It keeps you lean, fit, and younger looking and feeling, and it’s available to anyone. Oh! And it’s free, too.

Intermediate to Advanced Level
In the 24 Hour Turnaround, TLC 2, I explain how “specific exercise” is the key to changing your body forever—and I mean forever. If you are fit and already in an exercise program, you will learn how to upgrade your current workout. Just to get you started, I want you to follow two steps for today:

Step 1. Engage as many muscles as you can to do the workout movement. For instance, if you normally run for exercise, I want you to walk uphill instead, using arm and ab resistance, making deliberate arm movements and holding a slight pelvic tuck to engage your abs and buns. If you do aerobic classes, choose a low-impact aerobic class or a sculpt class that focuses on the upper body and incorporates standing or functional AB exercises. If you regularly spin, slow down and stand, or include an upper-body segment in your spinning regimen.

Step 2. Go for an hour (or longer if you can). I want you to lower—yes, lower—your heart rate and increase the length of your workout. Wear your monitor and stay in your Zone One. If you haven’t received your monitor — stay at a perceived moderate intensity. Unfortunately, many fit woman have forgotten what “moderate intensity” means. (It’s especially important for fit women to wear monitors — ALL competitive athletes do — to prevent over training.) Use this guideline: work at an intensity that allows you to say aloud “I could do this for hours.” (If you have difficulty talking, slow down until you could easily talk on the phone.) Trust me, your workout will feel much better both during—and afterward.

If you’re tempted to go for the burn, watch out. It may show on your face and in your hormone balance in the next 24 hours. It’s a known fact among exercise experts that high-intensity exercise ages you. It greatly increases your appetite for carbohydrates, dehydrates you, and will not give you the fat loss that you are probably looking for.

**If you are over forty, check with your doctor before you start any exercise program.**