The 24-Hour Turnaround

The Formula for Permanent Weight Loss, Antiaging, and Optimal Health – Starting Today!

New Information on Supplements

The 24 Hour Turnaround is 8 books in one – a manual of information on weight loss, health, and antiaging. A complete program including nutrition, supplementation, exercise, stress reduction, motivation, natural hormone balance, sleep, hydration, and meditation recommendations, and tips for husbands and children.

$19.95 Paperback

Heart Rate Monitor

You can simply view (in large numbers) your EKG accurate heart rate – AND – with just a single button press during a workout the watch enters scan mode to display an exercise session timer in hours, minutes and seconds, plus the user’s maximum, minimum and average heart rate of the exercise session. A chest strap with small electrodes picks up an EKG accurate heart rate and transmits the information to the display watch worn on the wrist.

Features and Functions:

  • Easy to use – large heart rate displayed
  • Maximum average and minimum heart rate of session displayed
  • Workout session elapsed timer
  • Last session duration of workout
  • Last session maximum average and minimum heart rate