The 24-Hour Turnaround

The Formula for Permanent Weight Loss, Antiaging, and Optimal Health – Starting Today!

New Information on Supplements

The 24 Hour Turnaround is 8 books in one – a manual of information on buy generic cialis tablets uk weight loss, health, and antiaging. A complete program including nutrition, supplementation, exercise, stress reduction, motivation, natural hormone balance, sleep, hydration, and meditation recommendations, and tips for husbands and without prescription viagra super force children.

$19.95 Paperback

Heart Rate Monitor

You can simply view (in large numbers) your EKG accurate heart rate – AND – with just a single button press during a workout the watch enters scan mode to display an exercise session timer in hours, minutes and seconds, plus the viagra by mail user’s maximum, minimum and average heart rate of the exercise session. A chest strap with small electrodes picks up an EKG accurate heart rate and transmits the information to the display watch worn on the wrist.

Features and Functions:

  • Easy to use – large heart rate displayed
  • Maximum average and minimum heart rate of session displayed
  • Workout session elapsed timer
  • Last session duration of visa levitra drugstore workout
  • Last session maximum average and minimum heart rate