Mastering Motivation

TLC 1: Master your mood and order amoxil online motivation.

Motivation, mood, and belief are essential components on the path to optimal health and you can call upon these fundamentals to keep you focused, even when you don’t feel like staying on a healthy program. I have witnessed clients who were chronically tired or even depressed and had a dramatic turnaround in energy, mood, and productivity in just hours by using the motivational strategies in The 24 Hour Turnaround TLC 1 to think positively and change their inner beliefs. John Zulli, Ph.D., a mind sciences genius, created our Mastering Motivation technique.

Path to Health

Zulli says, when we have the right motivational tools, we can immediately change our lifestyle, including poor eating habits, sleep problems, sedentary behavior, and how we cope with stress. A recent study showed that 96 percent of women interviewed agreed that when they feel fit and healthy, they’re better able to handle other areas of their lives. The specific motivational steps offered in The 24-Hour Turnaround will give you the tools to feel healthier, change a negative thought process, and achieve weight loss and optimal fitness. In doing so, your relationships, career, and other aspects of your life that depend on positive communication will greatly benefit starting today!

Get Started Today: Make up three positive “I am” statements.

Think of three positive statements that describe the new you—the healthier, leaner, and younger-looking you that will come as a result of your Turnaround. A host of studies confirm that among hospital patients, those who have positive expectations of their outcome tend to heal faster than those who are less hopeful about reaching their goals. It may be because positive expectations trigger a physical healing response while they motivate patients to be compliant and stick with prescribed therapies. In one review of the literature, researchers concluded that the association between positive expectations and buy proscar reaching a health goal was the greatest in studies of patients who were trying to lose weight.

As you identify positive expectations for your Turnaround, I don’t want to hear statements that describe what you were (“an overweight, middle aged woman,” or “a junk food addict whose hobby is watching television”). Rather, I now give you permission to become the person you want to be. Tell me what you hope to personally accomplish with this program and make it into a positive, descriptive statement in the present tense. Some examples are:

  • “I am an incredibly healthy person who eats nutritious, whole foods.”
  • “I am an athlete. I thrive on exercise, especially walking and swimming”
  • “I crave water and appreciate what it does for my body and skin.”
  • “I enjoy trying whole foods, substituting these for packaged or prepared foods.”
  • “I am alcohol free. I look younger, feel stronger and lose body fat when I choose not to drink.”
  • “I get plenty of restful sleep. I make it a point to go to bed early and sleep soundly through the night. I wake up each morning refreshed, revitalized and viagra ready.”
  • “Self-care and meditation are important to me. Each afternoon I use deep abdominal breathing to center my mind and relax my body.”

Remember to write positive statements in the present tense. I don’t want to hear about what you won’t or cannot do today or in the upcoming weeks. Your past is just that—past! In my chapter on mastering motivation, TLC 1, I explain why positive thinking can keep you motivated to stay with your 24-Hour Turnaround. For now, write down your three statements, and then read them aloud. Memorize them, and say them as you fall asleep tonight, and then again upon awakening before you get out of bed. Keep the Turnaround definitions in mind as you write your statements and become the new you

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Print out this page and write your three “I am” statements here: